yesterday I made a stone cylinder on the beach, around 6 feet in diameter, shoulder-high. definitely worth the sunburn and the 3.5 hours spent doing it. unfortunately, the only camera I had at the time was in my cell phone, so I didn’t get the best quality images…

I started this one out by finding long, rounded rocks and arranging them so that their winder ends faced outwards, slowly forming the circumference of the cylinder. I intended to continue with this process with the same kinds of rocks, but it quickly became apparent that the circle was too wide and the stones were not plentiful or regular enough to support this idea. however, I still think it turned out alright. in retrospect I question my inclusion of the five mini-towers on the top of the ring, I feel they may be too much of  a formal afterthought, not in keeping with the spirit of the construction.

the sunlight and the breeze were awesome, made the entire experience wonderful, though I probably should have applied sunblock. the sunburn is a memento of the day, I guess, and a reminded to think ahead more. there were a lot of people at the beach, most of them ignored me, luckily – I was worried with the size of this one that I was gonna get in trouble. a few people came over and complimented me, one woman asked if I was a professional working for the park – very flattering.

I’m kicking myself for not getting more shots that exhibit the hollow nature of the structure, though its size vs. my height prevented me from getting a suitably high angle; the above photo was taken by putting my phone as high in the air as I could on my tiptoes – I am definitely no photographer. a person who only identified himself as “jattleson” emailed me this one, however, nice shot to have:

I came back the next day to take some pictures with a real camera, hoping it would still be standing, but alas, it was piled in on itself. this is one of the major virtues of what I do – because someone usually destroys the structures as soon as I leave, I don’t have a chance to get emotionally attached. it makes sure that I remember this isn’t MY beach – I’m just visiting, and other people have just as much a right to their freedom as I do. also, if they didn’t do the demolition for me, leaving my structures there permanently, I wouldn’t be able to reuse the stones the next time I was there! I definitely don’t have the willpower to tear the things down myself – not that free of attachment YET.

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