serpentine wall

went back to the beach yesterday, pretty cloudy and cold, but there were a LOT of kids there. sometimes it’s good to have a lot of people around when you work, the background energy of the public can stimulate the back of your mind. my pile from the drum and my pierced wall from last time were swarmed with kids, which meant I had to use a different site. this time I went over to the right side of the beach, and saw two long logs. they related to one another in my mind, even though they were not aligned or touching, so I decided to make their connection physical.

still working to think about how I can be more exacting, controlling, precise in my work – working with smaller stones tends to help. I was trying to think of why I’ve shifted to walls as opposed to towers, and I guess it’s because I’ve reach the limit on how tall I can build merely because of how high I can lift a rock. in other words, I have nothing left to prove to myself as far as height is concerned, so I must move on to another area of development.

the nature of the curves in this project are also something I haven’t attempted before – they are regular, perhaps mathematic, but draw their curvature from the siting of the originating logs. I considered repositioning the warped, smaller one, pictured above, but there was no moving the other, pictured below – it’s a telephone pole, and a large one at that. this lead me to think that both should stay just as they were.

another aspect I tried to introduce was the flat, even top. this wasn’t done with exceeding accuracy, but I’m beginning to think of how to do it properly. the issue is that there aren’t enough large, smooth, flat rocks to make an even top to walk or sit on and smaller flat rocks will move as you sit on them, ruining the surface. this requires further study. obviously, I’m not using any sort of mortar and I’m not shaping my materials at all, so it’s never going to be perfect, but I can definitely improve.

this crook was pleasing to me as I build it. gave me a lot of trouble, because I couldn’t find the right stones to stay in place in the middle of the wall for ages, so it ended up being one of the last places to be completed.

intended to have it slope up gently in proportion to the logs that fed into it, starting the curves, but I was tired and whiny and thirsty and sore and – ok, there’s no excuse for quitting so close to the finish line – I quit anyways. turned out to be a good things, as when driving home I remembered it was my sister’s graduation that evening. phew!

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