minor thought: beach vs. pants

whenever I end up on an unplanned visit to the beach, it goes pretty much the same way every time.

stage 1, arrival: “I can’t get my pants wet! it’ll be horribly clingy, and the salt and sand will be all rough on my legs… avoid the water at all costs!”

stage 2, testing the water: “well, the water feels really nice on my toes… maybe I’ll just hike my pants up and cuff them. I’ll be careful.”

stage 3, going on in: “heck with it, hang the consequences, this water feels great. I won’t regret it. how bad could it be?”

stage 4, walking back: “how bad could it be? …pretty bad. this sucks.”

every single time I forget and do it all over again. seriously, I should just keep an extra pair of shorts in the car at all times.


anyways, here’s a little something someone ELSE did at the beach. cute little balance project. enjoy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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