warped gate

so, I was thinking today as I was driving my sister to a graduation – I talked all big about what I would do with the sprout idea on a larger scale – why not go in do it? it’s not like I could do anything but wait for her for two hours, plenty boring. was in town, took me ten minutes to get to fort williams. I found an appropriate piece of driftwood set to work, this took me around twenty minutes, tops.

it worked out alright, I guess, but it didn’t say much to me. I liked the expression, but seemed like it needed more.

so, what to do? make another one, of course… maybe go a little bigger, just to mess with the scale. the first one was only up to my shoulder and it seemed plenty stable even when I tried hard to shake the central log, so time to up the ante.

nice, getting somewhere, there’s a dialog now, the short and the tall, the wide and the slim. I still felt like it was missing something; even if I were to make another one, it would still be lacking. though I was beginning to see how a grove of these would resolve itself, I felt that these two were calling to be connected. time to throw something between them that made the connection literal.

“hey,” I thought, “this pretty much works.” sometimes the simplest solution is the best. I really liked how the unique placement of the knots in the slanting element allowed it to perch on the “hardy” log and the notch in the “laurel” log held the crosspiece despite its slant. the visual tenuousness of its perch belies its actual steadiness, though I’m sure that once someone decides to destroy it they won’t have much trouble. I guess they’ll have as much trouble taking it down as I did putting it up.

the way it floats against the sky was pleasant to me.

and here I am looking to the top of the “laurel” branch where it intersects the crosspiece:

I left to explore the rest of the park for another site to start working in, but not before placing a stump upright at a similar distance from the laurel as the laurel was from the hardy, and putting a green stone on top of the stone. when I returned to go home someone had improved it in a pleasing way.

another exercise in balance really helped to complete the visual effect of my experiment in equilibrium. my thanks to the person who added this, whoever you may be!

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