fins, unfinished

WARNING: I didn’t complete this stack yet, got rained out,  so there are no photos ATM… going back in the morning to finish the fight.

so, I spent the morning chainsawing and splitting, and found myself pretty tired by the afternoon, but the beach was calling me… ended up not leaving till 4, and was a little disjointed about what to do. however, the more I stared at the beach, the more I was drawn to its slope down to the water. ended up thinking of richard serra’s piece at storm king, and did something similar, though in stone. the major differences in material and construction are interesting to me. the form is still a right angle emerging from a slope, but there’s something absolute and eternal about serra’s piece. I think it is very mental; the black shape with barely a thickness; the pure geometric rational form rising from the organic landscape.

mine, on the other hand, is quite imperfect and made from the same material as the ground itself. it also has thickness, which ruins its ability to be a “concept” only, as serra’s plates are. the metal projections almost seem drawn in our reality, a collectively experienced illusion; mine is very real, and hardly an “idea” at all.

I ended up finishing off my first fin when its top edge was level with the crest of the beach, and started to work on a second one, right next to it. it seemed like the right thing to do. I’d love to have three of them in a row, with some ground treatment between them… we will see what tomorrow will produce when I get there and start working.

2 thoughts on “fins, unfinished

  1. is that sculpture a wedge leading up the hill, or a thin wall leading around the hill… or is it both?

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