it was 95 degrees at my house, so I HAD to go to the beach! despite the high temps, the water was still freezing… I managed to make myself dive in twice, but both times, as soon as I had been completely submerged, I got out of the water and continued stacking.

I wasn’t the only one there to escape the heat; there was a summer camp at the beach with plenty of confident, friendly kids who came right over to me and asked plenty of interesting questions. quite a few of them offered me rocks they had found that they thought would be helpful, which I was glad to incorporate. their counselors were nice people too.

I worked today on a set of small cubes that vary slightly in size; I was thinking about the difference in an idea once it is built. when done by hand in unmodified stones, the cartesian grid loses its perfection; the 2D field of cubes deforms to follow the landscape, the changes in size are small but noticeable, the deformations in the cubes themselves as they shift… not an ambitious project, but a good exercise. if I had unlimited patience and time it would have been nice to cover the entire beach with my little cubes. it was interesting to me that the first thing one of the summer camp children said was, “oh! so you’re building a cage.”

note to self – clean camera lens.

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