solid and void

beach two days in a row… feel great, great, great. the water was even colder than yesterday, but I still went in!

today I went over to where I made the pierced wall, which had slowly deteriorated (though the pile of rocks had actually grown, not shrunk, as children piled more and more rocks on the ruins of my stack that they had dismantled). I thought I was going to build multiple pierced segments along the length of one of the large tree trunks that had been the focus of the pierced wall, but as I built my first segment I became invested in it, wanting to build higher. when I had brought it to a height that would have been a good breaking off point, I noticed the wall had a slight concavity on top, so I played it upwards, tighter, into a hole.

I think the important thing that came out of this stack is there are two punctures, two holes in the wall; one filled and one empty, solid and void.  obviously, the puncture filled with the tree trunk is more perfectly round, as all I had to do was fit the rocks to its circumference, while the void had to be corbeled. hopefully as I gain skill the vaulted sections will be just as perfect.

side notes: the close-up photo with two little stones… those stones were added by a two year old. so sweet. also, thank you to my little brother john for spending the day with me and being in some of the photos!

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