katahdin stacks

left home at 9:30pm, got lost in millinocket as I had poor directions, stopped and asked a cop who was on speed-trap duty at 2:00am where the park was, was first in line, slept till they opened the gates at 5, started hiking katahdin at 6:00am. I took the chimney pond trail up to camp, took the dudley trail to pamela peak, a lower peak, then on to baxter peak, the high point, via the knife’s edge trail, spent some time stacking, then followed the saddle trail back down to the chimney pond trail.

fantastic day. no bugs, cool, light breeze, sunny; the trails I took were not crowded, though the peak was fairly full… didn’t see another living creature but a songbird on the dudley trail. 9 through-hikers were finishing the AT when I was there – they had PBRs and cigars to celebrate in style with.

I hiked alone, so driving back was pretty annoying (considering I was falling asleep) and I had to pay extra attention to my diabetes, but the time to think through my life was much needed. I brought more water this time than I did last time, and it definitely improved the experience.

stacking came with a whole new feeling up there. the stacks themselves were fairly simplistic, I din’t want to make anything that was radically more complicated than the cairns that adorn the mountain; however, probably because I was so tired, it still seemed to take a lot of concentration and effort to get them to stay.

here are the other photos I took on the hike.

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