minor stack II

tomorrow I’m heading out with my dad for a week to try for an assessing technician certification… so I figured I’d stop by the beach and stack a little. not that important of a work. first time in a long time I had a stack fall over while I was building. there was a layer where I had three stones as contact points for a large flat rock, but I failed to secure one of the bases they rested on. built a little too tall, but luckily I took some photos a short while before it toppled. one of the inherent joys in the stacking is working with the material’s inherent properties, but the limits it places on vertical elements can be a drawback – I don’t always think of the dimensions of the rocks as an inherent property, but if they weren’t formed the way they are I wouldn’t be able to make the things I do… maybe I just need to become more precise in my arrangements – have load supporting elements and moment reducers. the danger to any stack is torque, and it can only be solved by careful placement. I can place things well, but you only get one chance. that adds to the enjoy in some ways; will it topple? will it stand? the second before you let go of the rock, there’s this apprehension where it could all come crashing down… the impermanence of things.

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