tapered spiral (love potion number 9)

I was in Belfast, Maine, for the annual property tax school… yes. boring. I might be certified as a Maine State Tax Assessor in 60 days, or I might not. who knows. anyways, 5 days of property tax instruction is about as far from interesting as you can get, though the reasoning and application thereof can have some interesting aspects… anyways.

the hotel we stayed at was by the sea, and luckily, at the shore… WERE REALLY AWESOME FLAT ROCKS. I haven’t seen a beach with this kind of stone on it before; it wasn’t fragmented like shale, though it was similar in most other characteristics. the first day I did a wall that didn’t quite take into account the characteristics of the stones, so I didn’t feel comfortable or satisfied with what I ended up producing.

the next day I took a little more thought to what would suit the rocks, and ended up with something I really liked.

I didn’t realize I had built my spiral under the high water mark; a rookie mistake. I only realized this when I went out the next morning to make another stack, and found the high tide brought the water INTO THE GRASS ABOVE THE BEACH. no wonder I hadn’t been able to see the debris line of the high tide! it was strewn among trees, shrubs, and marsh grass.

I was surprised when I went back out at half-tide to find my rocks had been virtually unmoved by two tidal cycles! it got me to wondering how it would look with the waves moving over it, portions of it disappearing and reappearing in the waves. a couple who walked past suggested an even cooler idea – to photograph underwater once the stack was completely submerged! unfortunately, it’s doubtful that I’ll ever own a waterproof camera.

I wouldn’t be able to get close unless I swam over anyways, so any half-submerged shots are out either – I don’t want to risk dunking my camera. on the flip side, nothing’s stopping me from trying this at another beach with easier access to the site when the tide is up. Ft. Williams would be perfect. it’s getting closer to my return date to jersey, so I’ll have to get cracking if I can make that idea a reality.

no chance anyone knows of a rocky beach, river, or other site near Newark, NJ that I could stack at? that or Plainfield, NJ… I’ve thought about doing it in the Watchung preservation, but they don’t like you going off the path there. may have to go for it anyways.

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