little arch

went to the fort with my cousins from north carolina and my little brother. don’t have much to say about this stack, little theory behind it. worrying about whether the internal arch would hold my weight would be deep enough; I rely on depth to compensate for the roundness of my building material. as the stack grows, the efficiency of different balances changes – the points of contact on rounded edges shift outwards, downwards, slipping. angular, flat rocks would allow me to achieve longer spans more efficiently, as the friction would make the initial arrangements the strongest, and all I’d have to worry about was toppling instead of internal shifting. counter-balancing is much simpler than preventing rotation. still managed to stand on it, though.

One thought on “little arch

  1. Alex, you contiinue to amazeme! If a person can take rocks that have been sleeping for eons and create a form that has life, I consider that ART. Rock on!!

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