angles & ending the summer

last day of stacking at Fort Williams this summer, as friday morning I will be returning to New Jersey for the semester. I’ve learned a lot this year, and while I’ll be looking for rocks to stack down near Newark, Fort Williams has something special about it that I can’t replace.

this piece came from three forces – one, the large, brown, shale outcropping; two, the rock that juts out at the tail end of the stack, vanishing into the ground; three, circulation. the wall responds to the outcropping by jutting off from it, due to the differing material, just as the outcropping juts out of the earth. the wall then veers back from the water as beach-goers do as they round the outcropping and come up to see what hides behind it. finally, the rock at the bottom pulls the path of the stack back into the ground at an angle.

for the most part, I think this stack speaks in technique to most of what I learned in this summer. I stack rocks.

bonus: the remains of the shelter (the ruins of which I cannibalized) are visible in some of the pictures!

2 thoughts on “angles & ending the summer

    • it seems it. I’m trying to think about immediate site more and more. to me the visible surroundings or psychological “location” within which your object resides speak to me of the needs of the work than anything else. genius loci.

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