watchung first stacks

well, well, well, well, well. long time no post.

I went over to the Watchung Reservation in Union County, New Jersey, as it is pretty close to my house in Plainfield. found some rocks, and decided it was time for a little stacking. sorry for the lousy image quality, only had my cell-phone.

so, clearly these stacks aren’t very sophisticated. was trying to get a feel for the material. the rocks are very jagged and irregular, which is bad for elaborate arches or smooth walls, but their roughness and weight makes them very efficient at resisting any movement, as long as the centers of gravity are aligned properly. I’ve got to find some new tectonic to use for new forms. I’ll have to develop new techniques for myself to get things to come to a larger, harmonious form… it’s exciting to have somewhere to work, even if there isn’t a lovely place to swim nearby. my other limiting factor here is that I have so much work for school, and I have no car to get there except on weekends…

also utilized the beer bottles I found lying around, must take my time to figure out to what purpose they can be put. they contrast strongly with the stone, they could produce some fun effects. smooth vs. rough, translucent vs. opaque… I supposed that they share a certain durability, as long as they are not smashed together. I wonder which would wear away faster when left to the wind and rain, the stones or the bottles?

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