today I tried something a little different. there was a large rock, far beyond my ability to lift. I wanted to get it up off the ground only some supports. so I laid smaller rocks next to it and used all my strength to roll it onto them. I worked it back and forth, higher and higher, down the hillside.

I then constructed a final base for it, more discreet, less of an unruly pile. I put support rocks around the base just to stabilize it for when I moved the large rock the last time… it almost toppled over when I moved it, and I freaked out. luckily, I was able to restrain it with all my strength and use one foot to nudge another rock into place to hold it up.

here’s one with me sitting next to it for a sense of scale:

it only took around two hours of faffing about to do it, but I was completely exhausted when I finished. I felt like I was using every ounce of available strength every time I rolled it to a new section. it may not look like much, but it represents a pushing of my limits. I’m trying to think of where to take this next, there are definitely more applications for this method. how small can I get the footprint of the support while still having the stability to roll a heavy rock over? how high up can I roll a large stone before the internal forces in the support system blow the thing apart? we’ll see. there’s work to be done.



One thought on “heavy

  1. pretty interesting.

    on another note … if the big one rolled down onto your leg, would you have had enough energy left to gnaw it off and crawl to civilization?

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