cliff face

I planned to go into school early today and work all day, but when I stepped outside, it was far too nice to let that happen… so I went up to watchung preservation and did a little stacking. the breeze was pretty strong up on the ledges and gave me a little trouble, but once I got working I was warm enough without a coat.

the stack is a corner along the edge of the cliff, which then arches over to a column at the corner’s reflected angle. perhaps with more time I could build more of these on top of each other, layers of vaults, but as I had to bring all the stones I used from farther away, it took longer than when I stack with my materials surrounding me.

occasionally the stones I was placing would fall over the edge and tumble down to the next layer of cliff, then down the the bottom near the river bed… I was glad there was no one else around, wouldn’t want to send someone to the hospital due to falling rocks.

4 thoughts on “cliff face

  1. I like what you’re doing. While walking my dog through the woods yesterday, I stumbled across this formation. Great placement on the edge of the cliff, very thought provoking. Really made me stop and think for a moment.

  2. Today I was taking a walk through the paths to McDonald’s with 3 of my friends and we all noticed this flawless rock structure standing strong and tall on the ledge with a cloudy sky in its background. When we saw the rocks so perfectly placed, we all looked at each other and were quite amazed with whoever did it. We all took a few pictures and got on our way but it was one of the cooler things we have seen while hiking the trails. I really hope to see some more of this great art form around the scenic parts of the area!

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