three arch

a good day for stacking, though I may have strained my back a little. nothing a little rest and ibuprofen won’t fix. I missed the good light for photos at the end of the day, though, as gathering material took longer than I had expected. this stack is fairly precarious, with much of its strength coming from the curve in plan. if I’m lucky enough to find it still standing next week, I’d love to continue the curve along the ridge, perhaps bring it in on itself. one of the big problems is that the material is so far away from this point on the ledge, and there’s very little that’s appropriate for spanning gaps; the stones are very irregular and bulky, not what you want for a nice, straight, even corbel. however, this could definitely become something.

side note, the stack from last week is still standing tall and defiant against the elements. I’d love to see what happens to the stacks when snow falls.

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