spring break project: stikhaus

so, I know this blog is devoted to stacking rocks, but over my spring break week in maine I decided to do something a little different.

stikhaus is made from native beechwood harvested from our 160 acre home; the wood is the remaining waste branches from firewood we cut to heat our home through the cold Maine winter. after years of admiring the form of birch trees, I decided to form the branches into a space that is inhabitable but does not separate the user from his natural surroundings. the elements are connected via nylon string, salvaged from an abandoned shoe shop. I completed this project in 35 hours, with an hour of help from my sister; the only tools used were a set of clippers, scissors, and a ladder.

the process of making stikhaus was just as important as the finished project, and there is much yet to do; when I return home at the end of the semester there will be further work done. read more here.

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2 thoughts on “spring break project: stikhaus

  1. Alex, This is phenomenal! Can’t wait to see the next phase. You are brilliant! Love, Grampy and Cathy

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