stikhaus: process photos

these photos chronicle the building process that went into creating stikhaus. everything was done by simply double wrapping and tying elements where they crossed, with no superficial falseworking to provide temporary structure. I ended up using my teeth, shoulders, knees, and elbows to hold elements to and tie them almost as much as I used my hands; I’m VERY familiar with the taste of nylon string now.

there was a very simple step-by-step route I took to complete the structure:

  1. stake a plan of the initial interior edge
  2. build a buffer out from that initial edge
  3. throw up exterior structure to maintain the unfinished dome elements
  4. connect dome elements
  5. intensify space by increasing amount of elements used

in the future, I plan to

  • increase the elements further, both on the surface of the dome and in the section, to make the entire experience deeper and more layered
  • plant trailing vines, such as mornnig glories and sweet pea plants to create a canopy

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the experience of doing this all by hand, alone, was very important to me. it presented a time to think, a time to reflect. the sounds were quite amazing. the wind in the trees and the grasses, like waves of creaks and rustles. the returning flocks of red wing blackbirds, canada geese, and starlings in fields of sound. mourning doves  cooing me in the early day. redtail hawks screaming in the afternoon. the distant blur of traffic. our sheep and goats bleating back in the pastures.

then there was the heat and light passing over with the change in cloud cover, warming and cooling me, with the sun moving overhead marking the sense of time on my skin. the sun was bright most of the days, giving me a sunburn; one day it rained, one day it was 35 degrees. the entire time was a great connection with nature. I felt like I could hear the grass growing and the world springing back into life.

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