I stacked at the watchung reservation last saturday, but didn’t have a camera and all my work fell down anyway, so I decided to go back yesterday. cold and gray, the air clung to me as I sifted through the stones, but it was somehow a comforting coldness. I wanted to capture the attenuated, tightly wound feeling of the day, and my resulting form is much thinner than my usual columns in relation to its length. the rain has washed new stones loose from their housing in the red dirt of the bluff, and a I worked they cascaded fitfully down the slope, a strangely living sound, more raw and innocent than the rumbling rush of cars beneath me.

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3 thoughts on “longshanks

  1. I must have just missed you on April 1. Saw your rock stack and got a few pictures. Nice work! When hiking there again this weekend, I looked for your structure but it was no longer standing. Do you have plans for any other formations at Watchung?

    • sam, I work at the reservation when I make time outside of my schoolwork – our project is coming to a head and life is fairly hectic. however, with luck I will get to the reservation on friday.

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