quick update

the column is still standing.

there was a slight drizzle in the Watchung Reservation today, but the temperature was so nice that the rain was just another measure of refreshment while I was there. I’m working on a multi-visit project, so nothing much to show for now… just laid some of the basework. the hardest part about stacking at the reservation is that it takes a long time to collect materials; I try not to use anything that I have to pull out of the ground, and not much of the loose rock is usable. this means I have to scour around a much wider area than I would if I was working at Cape Elizabeth. it adds to the fun of the process in one way and takes away from it in another…

2 thoughts on “quick update

  1. I took a nice hike up to the top on Sunday and saw the awesome rock tower you created. I am excited to see what this new project is going to look like! Have you been getting your rocks from the bottom by the waterfall or have you been looking around the top area because i know that the rocks by the creek are probably perfect for you. Either way, I am glad to see you continuing this awesome art!

    • Oh wow, I doubt I’ll ever be near enough to Alex work to come see it in person, but that’s so cool Kevin, that you got to see it F2F and also talk about it here. Fantastic!

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