watchung wall

finished my work at the reservation yesterday. the bike ride there was invigorating, and the weather was perfect for outdoor work. the dappled sunlight filtering through the trees became a beautiful movement across the form of my wall. also, a lot of people were walking through this time, and many of them felt like chatting; it’s always nice to meet new people who are interested in sharing what their life is about up there in the trees; they’re usually quite interesting personalities. sadly, there are some unfortunate personalities who walk through the reservation, too… some of my recent stacks have been knocked over and had bottles smashed into them, so someone doesn’t like my presence on the bluff, or they just have fun being destructive. someone actually peed on the simple column after they pushed it over, which seemed humorously excessive to me. hopefully they choose to leave this one alone.

in some ways, every set of rocks is unique and has its own qualities, so it can be hard to know what shape one’s project will take; I originally was going to have the end of the wall that’s away from the tree be square as well, but the rocks ended up suggesting a tapering; I just had to do what they wanted. I’d love to make more walls up there, to keep this first one company.

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