four base strip

ok, ok, I know I haven’t posted in ages. I’m sorry. it’s for a mostly good reason – I have a job now in Camden, Maine, and I spend the week up here, weekends back in scarborough – a little busy to get over to Fort Williams, so no stacking has been happening. well. I was home for the week of the fourth, and I went out to the beach twice. my first stack was awesome, but sadly it fell before I could photograph it.  overestimated my cantilever’s strength and did not tie the courses back in with one another, ended up with a stacked bond that  split the who structure in two. the stack I came up with the next day wasn’t nearly as satisfying, but here it it.

in other news, I got a pretty severe sunburn. forgot to apply sunscreen – d’oh! it will fade to a tan soon enough, but I must remember to be more careful at the start of the season.

2 thoughts on “four base strip

  1. I live in Missouri but I was in Maine the day you built the structure that couldn’t be photographed. I have a picture of it in progress and it was amazing!

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