new stacking location: Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse

so, as previously mentioned, I have been working in Camden, Maine, and I haven’t had anywhere nearby to work. however, driving through the neighboring town of Rockland today, I mused that I had not visited the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse, which stretches out into the bay from a little beach. I had some time to kill, so I swung by and found to my joy that there’s some workable material for stacking there! hopefully I will find time during my workweek to continue visiting and get a better sense of the material. here’s my first attempts.

some site considerations:

  • the rocks are actually well within the tidal range, unlike at Fort Williams, and the slope of the beach is much more gradual. this means I will be able to experiment with stacks that will be submerged after I build them.
  • because the rocks are in the water, they are covered in a thin film of algae. this makes them slippery and requires a increased level of care both in placing stones and in walking around. (already hurt myself today, slipping and falling.)
  • there is a great variety of color and texture to the stone here, as it is mostly (I suspect) dumped from elsewhere. this offers opportunities.
  • the rocks are mostly very rounded, with few flat stones. this will make things difficult.

I’m excited to have yet another place to play. the breakwater is amazing, too, all huge rough blocks, but very regular and well laid. it’s quite the walk out to the end of it; I’ll probably end up swimming off of it when it gets hotter.

that’s all for now. I’ll let you folks know when more comes up.

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