worked at the breakwater again today, lovely weather, almost went for a dip… then remembered I had no towel and thought better of it. unfortunately, I can only work at the beach after I get out from work, when the tide is going out; I start working in the water, well over my knees, and by the time I’ve finished my majestic stack rising from the surf is sitting on bare land, bored and flat. well, the moon and the tides will change together, so soon enough I’ll get to play with the waves coming in over my structures and see what it’s like when they are submerged. I may build a simple test stack and then sit down with my tripodand take photos as things change.

tonight I worked on two stacks, one a simple three-point layer job, with the other being a bit more of a ramshackle balance-fest. its two prongs are necessary to counterweight one another; at one point, one of the lower, larger rocks shifted due to the weight on top of it and was only resting on two points. yikes! this was beautiful, and I was temted to work with it and to see whether I could continue to balance it on a line instead of a plane (two points instead of three) but I already had invested too much energy to risk toppling it in the name of exploration. maybe next time.

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