while waiting for my friends from New Jersey to arrive to enjoy a day at Fort Williams, I waited down by the beach and did a quick stack. nothing special this time, just beginning to work again with the concept of alternating layers of large and small stones. I began it on the log simply because my back was hurting from stacking the previous day; something done out of convenience ended up granting an element of charm to my work. sometimes you make the art, sometimes it makes itself. so, this may be something that I can broaden, reapply in bands within a wall or spiraling column. we’ll see.

I went stacking tonight but I haven’t edited any photos yet and am basically one big bug bite. I’m hoping the photos turned out ok, because most of them are manual focus taken at night. not the best idea for clarity; it would be nice to have a low-light lense, but these things cost money. ok. so long.

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