brute forcing it again: archway (the tide also rises)

worked at the breakwater in Rockland again today, and figured it would be fun to go the brute force method once again. it’s been a while since I have dealt in massive stone, and I thought it would be good exercise, considering how much time I spend sitting at my internship.

another reason to go big presented itself in that, for the first time, the tide was coming IN when I arrived at the site, not going out. I wasn’t quite sure how fast the tide would rise (turns out, very fast) or how high it would come (not as high as I was hoping for in my timeframe, which was tied to the availiable light), so I needed to work with something large enough to resist the pull of the waves as I worked – and to remain as I watched the tide continue to rise after I had finished. this lead to me moving things that were – hem – not quite safe or reasonable. in the above image, the stone on the righthand column at the base is beyond my strength to lift more than a few inches at a time, so I had to lift it a little, kick a rock under it, then rebalance it to slowly raise it to the boulder it’s sitting on. while moving it, a few large stones fell on my foot and it could have been very bad if I hadn’t employed snakelike reflexes which I don’t usually have. it all turned out ok, though; nothing more than a large bruise.

I believe the top portion which bridges the gap is high enough that the tide will not overcome it – the hope is that its weight will keep the bottom portion grounded. I’m not gung ho enough to get up at 5am to see if it’s still there tomorrow, though, so I’ll just have to imagine.

I sat there at the water’s edge, occasionally standing/laying/sitting in the waves, and took some photos as the tide came in. I had hoped I would see the legs of the arch get consumed by the waves, but the light failed before that could happen. my final photo was a 1:30 exposure, I believe, which was the upper limit of what I was able to do with the mosquitos buzzing around me. I actually was going to do one more shot, but my camera almost fell in the water due to hte waves… and I decided it was time to leave.

successful outing, if I do say so myself. perhaps I will go out again tomorrow. I doubt it, though – I’m pretty sore.

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