parallel? almost.

I must apologize for the lack of posts for the last… couple millennia or whatever. I didn’t have a camera to take photos, so even though I’ve had a few visits to the reservation. anyway, I went home to Maine for Thanksgiving break, and managed to get out to Fort Williams before I had to drive back to Jersey. it went well, I thought.

one of the distinctive things about today was how rarely I stack by the ocean during the cold months. the surge of the waves  seems to roll differently. a strong high tide was crashing into the beach, then dragging grapefruit sized stones back down the slope, resulting in a muted roar followed by a clattering thunder of rolling rocks; after completing the stack, I spent some time lying on the on the beach and letting the sonar experience of the day wash over me. it was an experience that reaffirmed my affinity to the ocean side; I could never live in a place where I couldn’t access a beach within a half hour.

anyway, onto the stack. one of the important factors of this stack was the presence of driftwood on the beach; the winter currents pull more debris onto the shore than their summer counterparts, and there’s no one there to remove them; this results in a more littered beach. I thought that it was fitting to work them into my structure this time. because of their individual curves and the configuration of the stack at their time of addition,  from some angles they appear to be parallel and from others their intersection seems obvious. this ambiguous space between was pleasing to me.

the other aspect that interested me was the tapering within the column. the details of my structures aren’t pre-planned, beyond the basic form that springs to mind around 20 minutes into work, but somehow the growth proceeds in a manner that is “correct.” I try to listen to the voice of my materials as much as possible, and they will usually guide me to a place where I will be happy. in some ways, my art is very selfish. I like it when others enjoy it, but I do it more to satisfy something in me that wants to see structure emerge from the world around me.

now that I have my camera recharged,  I’m going to try to go out and stack in the reservation this weekend. this one trip reformed the desires lurking in me. I forgot about how seductive the change in the shadows is – rocks that are laying on the beach or in the woods are generally nestled together very flatly and don’t have much contrast. once you stack them, the gaps around and below them bring them to life through the darkened edges they receive; their three dimensionality comes to light, each shadow aggregating into a new whole. in a way, there are two stacks – the stack of rocks, and the stack of shadows.

I hope to post again soon. na razie.

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