mirror plane


I apologize for the long time between posts – I have just moved back to Maine permanently and have been working on job-finding. With a nice new position and a little more stability in my life, I have started to make my way back to the beach.

his work was made during a visit to Ft. Williams with my girlfriend – she’s in the background of a shot or two. It progressed pretty slowly, as I’m somewhat rusty, but it’s amazing to feel one’s balance, strength, and dexterity return as one works. I was flying across the beach in spite of my fatigue near the end. The point of the ledge was an immediate draw as I arrived on the site. I thought I wanted to build a balance that rejected the narrow edge it was built on, but the work ended up being quite harmonious; the flare of the stack so closely mimics the tapering of the rock is stands on that the two seem to have always existed together.

I’m not entirely sold on the final rock I set on top; it wasn’t quite centered, and the piece frankly doesn’t need it. However, the pile started shifting as I placed it, and I was worried that any further changes might wreck the whole thing. Out of a concern for safety, I knocked the pile over once I photographed it – it actually took a bit of force to tip it, I had to rock it back and forth slightly in order to get it moving. You can watch me drop it in the video below!

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