tiny stack – outcropping

small stack  (1)

did a little work out in my back yard woods. the rocks here are tiny, so it’s really difficult to keep myself from imparting too much lateral energy into the rocks. at their small size, the friction between elements isn’t strong enough to keep even tiny motions from making the whole thing fall apart.  the rocks aren’t exactly abundant. remember that I don’t shape, break, or otherwise dig rocks up to use them. loose stone, used exactly how it’s found, only. the exposed stone around my house is either completely connected to the shale or small chunks/sheets that have been splintered off by erosion or trees falling upon them, etc. either way, there’s not a lot to work with, and I keep ruining things before I finish and photograph them. it’s a good exercise, but… I need to keep working. it’s a bit of fun, though, yeah?

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