framed frame


This stack was produced on a whim with very little daylight by which to work. sometimes the cold drives the mind to a sharper point; sometimes time constraints push you to produce something good that would never have existed otherwise. I am actually quite proud of this work, even though it is fairly simple and didn’t take that long. this work is not actually about the pieces or the execution of an idea so much as learning the idea itself.

the first frame was built with the thought of producing some throw-away work to post on the website, as I haven’t done anything in a while. I ended up really enjoying looking through it at the dramatically textured sea and the glowing sky. As I was taking photos of it, I contemplated the idea of the frame of stone, framed as a photograph. a frame allows us to focus on the contents as a discrete moment, a totality, a defined instant. thus, a framed frame (in this case, a photographed void within a structure) is an even more focused instant.


however, when considering a 3d frame like the stonework pictured here, we can shift the second frame (the photograph) and thus change the instant which the first frame defines.  the meaning of the frame necessarily is changed in turn. this allows for a variety of experiences. (this is why divided windows are more dynamic that full glass panoramic windows; the movements of the contents of each small pane of a window keeps the view interesting, while an undivided window gives us nothing gauge our movement against, and thus a static worldview.) above, the picture framed by the stones is all about an abstract texture. the image placed below is about a recognizable, pictorial element.


from this pattern of thought, I considered what I could accomplish with my stone frame. having a single frame through which many angles can be viewed allows for little control. I decided, as an exercise, to build another stone frame, resulting in two 3d frames that focus on a much narrower range of space – a framed frame.


you can view the rocks from any angle, but if you want to use the stones as frames, you must orient yourself very specifically. I didn’t think about what I would end up framing with the two structures, simply the experiment with control was enough. photographing the double frames creates a framed framed frame. the implications for future works are interesting. beyond focusing minutely on specific end contents for the frames, I could generate radial frames, frames that point to reoriented frames, frames of increasing scale or of decreasing scale, frames where the individual frames differ in character, etc. viewing the frames separately also allowed for some dynamic moments for this build.

lots to work with. hopefully you enjoyed this post; I’m feeling drawn back to the beach, but I have very little time to explore lately, considering how early the sun goes down. I’m trying to find some place near my place of employment (the Brunswick Town Hall) to stack on my lunch break before the snow flies, but I don’ think I’m going to have much luck.

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