piled point


here’s the second of the small pieces I worked on recently.

another delicate piece like the flat sheets I previous posted, this guy is balanced on a single point on the log. I probably erected it 4 or 5 times, only for it to fall while I was photographing it. no worries; I wasn’t really learning anything or going for a specific concept. as I looked at it later, I thought of when I was little and was making blanket forts in my living room. we would pile books on the corners of the blankets to secure our tents, but over time as we got too wild inside and whacked the ceiling, the blankets would slip. we would counter this with more and more books piled into the corners. while the initial placement would be orderly, a ramshackle pile would form that could never do much to stop a collapse. this set of rocks is very similar; a carefully placed initial element with some crap thrown on top. I find the contrast between that first element’s scale and texture and the topping mess’s fragmentation sort of cute. there’s a nice unity between the bottom piece and the log it sits upon, as well.

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