bends and weights



the third in my quick stacks from a few recent trips. it’s not like my other works, all that much, as it’s more of a collection of doodles.

this work was actually built moments before I started working on yesterday’s post, the piled point. I was experimenting with driftwood’s deflection under load and the inherently accretion-based methodology of my work. each time I added an individual stone to the log I was working upon, the log would bend further, fundamentally changing the equilibrium of the entire stack. I began each individual point of interaction with the driftwood involved pointing upwards, way above my head; the logs were wedged under one another or larger piles of rocks. as I continued adding stones, the logs would bend until they touched the ground or they lifted their restraints on the side opposite from my momentary focus. people were curious about the whole thing, and ended up interacting with the more stable portions.


however, interaction at stable points results in magnified force at unstable points, and the translation is hard to predict. there were moments where adding a grape sized pebble lifted a 500 pound log. there were moments where tenuous connections were cemented by additions to levers three moves away. some of the individual moments were beautiful instances in their own right, though the totality was kind of a wreck. here’s one nice instance; the way the chunk missing on the right from the top stringer matches into the supports below is entertaining to me.



the initial float of the cantilevered elements over the sand created a contrast that I usually don’t get due to the fact that I build on a big landscape that is made of the very material I build with.


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