tabletops: flip/unflip

Happy Thanksgiving, folks. I hope you’re enjoying it with all those you hold dear. I’m probably prepping or chowing down as we speak, or going for our post meal walk.

I myself am thankful for rocks, sunlight, a mortal shell that willingly complies with my efforts, and time to think. I am thankful for a family that supported my creative desires as a child, never chaining me with an undue obsession with safety. I am thankful for food and warmth to nourish me when I return from my endeavors. I am thankful for the medicine that allows me to live a normal life, whereas less than 100 years ago I would be nearly guaranteed death. I hope you have things to be thankful for, as well.

anyway, on to the stack!


I noticed the big, flat rock from my View of the Fog stack lying on its side and thought it would make a good table top, because the texture of the rock is really pleasing. I had already worked on some other pieces and had some back pain, so I wasn’t up to lifting the slab onto some carefully constructed pillars, only to have my back give out, drop the slab, and destroy everything. “what the heck,” I said to myself, “if I build pillars on top of this it’ll be like a table someone flipped.” I was in goofy enough of a mood to do it. once I had the larger plates on the top in place, I decided I could just keep aggregating and build another tabletop on the legs of the flipped table, un-flipping it, so to speak. considering my framed frame, I’m in a rut here with my doubled processes! 


it was sturdy enough that I could climb up on it. I can tell you, I was super nervous sitting up there. it was pretty stable while I sat up there, but the second I began to climb off the whole thing went toppling down. yikes. thanks to the nameless gentleman who took a photo for me and talked to me with his 3 year old son for 20 minutes, it made the whole process more fun.

once again, a happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. enjoy your day, be grateful for the bounty in your life, and stay excited!

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