Washed up sails


this stack had more to do with siting than anything else.

I have to knock most of my stacks down at the end of the day, as I have no clue what could happen while I am away from them. if they’re small or mostly horizontal, I’ll leave them up, but most of the time the work is vertical and precarious enough that it warrants knocking over. because of this, I rarely get to see one of my works endure.

while I was at Ft. Williams recently, I walked around the coastline to another portion of the park where I used to stack with some frequency. there’s a giant wedge of rock that thrusts out from the general landscape; it’s about fifty feet long, thirty feet high, and only ten feet thick. since few people go down to the cove area it shelters and even fewer people would even be able to climb the outcropping, I decided to build a stack halfway up the formation.

you can see here the fissures in the rock face I used to haul myself up. I had to stand on tip-toe to reach proper holds, and lowering myself off of the ledge onto the slippery rock below was frightening.  it was fun to expend the effort on making something that would stay perched up there for a while, however. the rocks I used to make the sails and the base they sit on were quite heavy, and I almost fell off when hoisting them into place. the whole thing is quite stable, and I expect that the weighted top will ensure that it stays in place for quite a while.

I had some real difficulty getting good shots, as my hands were wicked shaky after climbing up and down the edge of the cliff. the fog didn’t help, either. however, going back and seeing the little stack cast up there multiple times is more rewarding for me than a good picture, even if it doesn’t make for a great blog post.

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