True Arches part II


once I built the first true arch, I decided to build another one right next to it, along with a little lintel arch right next to it. I had begun building a staircase onto the left side, but the second column from the left began falling apart as I was working, so I stopped what I was doing and took photographs. the second arch I built, the middle one, is made up of much smaller elements, though the formwork I built with was the exact same as last time. here’s a couple photos with the formwork included:

I know the image with me in it is wicked blurry, but it was the only photo with any reference to scale, so I feel I have to include it. the whole structure actually IS pretty large. I mentioned this is the last blog post; the more time I spend on a stack, the better it’s going to be, but the worse my photos will be because of how tired I am. the trade-off is kind of depressing.

either way, the stack came out nicely. now that I’ve broken the seal on true arches, I may start using them pretty frequently, no matter how tense removing the framework makes me. I’ve always loved colonnades, and I have some ideas for some ideas for playing with scale and rhythm with the arches; Tatami proportions come to mind as a starting point; Fibonacci ratios are more fancy, but may be hard to accomplish with my limited range of size possibilities (the size of your worker and the size of your elements create practical boundaries for any build), and, frankly, I kind of like Tatami patterns better anyway, simplistic though they may be.

with the sunlight hitting the rocks on these cold days, I really appreciate the golds and yellows hiding in the grays of the stones. there are some beautiful moments of color locked into these rocks that aren’t what you think about when you pick up individual stones.

here’s a video of me climbing up on the stack. it stood up to my added weight just fine, but the whole first arch collapsed when I jumped off… boohoo! all good things must come to an end, anyway, and I have to destroy the work before I leave, so I guess nothing was really lost.

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