stolid bench – during the snow


Just as I got into my car to leave after finishing the bench, the snow began to fall. I decided to wait and get a few shots as the soft white blanket fell, adding a muffled whisper to the sleepy roar of the winter ocean. Leaving my car, I sat on the bench and let the snow cake my shoulders and lap, melting into my hair and freezing into my eyebrows. It was a moment of true peace, if cold peace.

I am continually reminded on my trips to the ocean of the enormity and  wonder of God’s creation,  and I am made thankful for the consciousness He has gifted me with. We are matter that perceives itself, both physical and spiritual, intellect in atoms. The structured nature of physics is such a blessing. We occupy a place between quantum and cosmic forces, where the interplay of many principles results in a world that is only mundane because we are used to it. What would our scale of existence on this planet look like to someone from outside our frame of reference? Wouldn’t it be seen as a strange and marvelous place?

Sometimes you need a bench to sit down and think about this kind of stuff.

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