spiral stairs

Here’s something that started as another exercise to force my creativity, but ended up blossoming into something I was actually proud of.

here’s the first stage. I was following the curve of the rock, utilizing small elements. a central point and some columns on the outside suggested a radial construction. everything was built up to approximately the same height at this point.

from this, I had the inspiration to work a different type of radial element in, adding a stepping spiral of plates like a stairway.  I could have made them a little more regular, but they were close enough for me. the one change I would make if I were to do this again is that I would build the wall the steps sit on right up to the treads, instead of throwing any old junk under them to get them to the right height. I’m ok with the way this part turned out, but I may take another crack at a staircase soon. there was still something missing, though.

the central axis was losing its expression to the massive nature of the plates. it’s a simple, quick fix, but adding some point-balanced rounded stones reemphasized the radial nature of the construction and satisfied me that the piece was finished. I felt like I could do a lot more with this project, but it had been 3 hours of arduous thought and work, and I was pretty badly sunburned.

this project isn’t exactly impressive or perfect, but it marked a moment where I felt as though I was back in the swing of things. good things to come from here on out. I hope you all are enjoying the summer.

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