zigzag screen



this was made with the intent of making objects with more three dimensional character. I often work on things that are flat images, meant to be viewed from one vantage point; and I think I will be more satisfied as an artist if I embrace multiple vantage points.

the other goal was to make something that appeared more porous. much of what I make has a a solid appearance. even if I’ve formed openings in the project, the tight nature of my structures has been a consistent aspect throughout. this style, where the majority of the elements are only touching at a few points, is much more precarious; I was punished with multiple collapses throughout the build when I failed to carefully account for the immense instability of the long, thin structure. the two ninety degree turns stabilize the central section, but the end points were fit to go at any moment. I added an unusual section to the pattern of the center portion to highlight this fact.


this “keyhole” moment wouldn’t stay anywhere else in the build. the zigzags also allows for a different spatial relationship of person to wall. all in all, a very satisfying build. given more time, I’d like to continue working with this sort of style and have the wall twist all around the landscape.

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