rain stacks

I zipped to Fort Williams on a Saturday to take a walk along the coast and jump from rock to rock. there was no intention to stack in my head, but… well, the call of the stones is irresistible. it was extra strong as I moved across terrain I don’t usually work on. the surf was crashing mightily into the outer edges of the cove, and I wanted to put a focal point into the landscape to think as I watched the tide move. as I paused after the first stack, a simple one-element-per-layer dealio, I managed to get a quick snap as a seagull landed right next to it. it was strangely exciting to see the bird walking around eyeing my little doodle.

I began work on a second piece five minutes or so later, when the gull flew away; it began raining shortly after.  I had been harshly aware of the heat and humidity throughout the walk leading up to that. my first thought was to leave immediately, but the rain was so warm and refreshing that I couldn’t help but be energized. the rocks were slippery, but I worked on with a whistling, boundless energy. neither of these builds are anything special, but being in the location and enjoying the process often does more for me than the finished product.

you can see very little of the rain, as it was clearing up when I finished. strange how the very condition that would normally keep me from going outside was the very reason to remain under the sky that day. I love “bad” weather. it softens and meekens me, both things I am in desperate need of. I think going to this less protected area of the beach helped in that respect, too – maybe I should work out there more.

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