instinct – make an arch

this is what happens when you space out and go back to what you know. sometimes I want to stack without thinking, and the usually ends with me making some crappy little arch.

when I finished, I did work a little harder than usual on facing the top properly. I have been thinking about the concepts of “finish” and “direction” more than I have in the past; I think I need to pursue the use of a clean aesthetic, whether in matching material or in trying alternate orientations for my elements. here’s the top of the structure for my mediocre attempt at a smooth surface:

trabeation (5)


the other moment of enjoyment in the build was this little stone right here:

trabeation (4)


sandwiched between two large slabs, it was barely staying in place, and with a little nudge, it would have slid out and toppled the whole thing. it was the only unstable element in the entire build. so much about my stacking is about the search for stability and balance, structure and safety, etc; as such, purposely and (nearly) invisibly including such a useless and atypical element was a sort of private joke with myself as I continued to mindlessly build. it didn’t even fit stylistically with the rest of the build and yet – there it was. usually such conceits earn me a collapsed pile and frustration, but this time it stood through to the end.

as soon as I finished, I stretched, went swimming for half an hour in the freezing water, and then sat in the shade of my little creation for a while. I usually leave immediately upon taking pictures; staying made me realize how much I’d like to have an area to continually work with the stones I pull from the earth, slowly shaping a landscape into a private paradise, to which I could invite fellow dreamers to relax and contemplate life. perhaps one day that wish will come true. for now, there’s the beach.

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