rolling flow

gif - curve

It was foreign to work on a smooth surface! In most circumstances I have to begin by shaping the terrain and stabilizing it so that I can be sure my efforts won’t go to waste when the base gives way half an hour into my work. This concrete ledge has always been an item of interest, and I’ve engaged with it tentatively a couple times – with the shelter, for example – but never built directly on it. It was so strange that at first all I could think to do was make some flat pattern and see how I could make random rocks fit together.

Once I had laid the initial layer down, it was time to decide where to go next. I have talked some about how I’m aiming to avoid straight extrusions of profiles, so I thought it might be good to consider tapering it upwards. I threw in a couple rounded objects to shape a couple voids, and I’d never put two in the same object before; I’m thinking about doing a series of pierced objects again soon, and this was good practice. once I’d started the slope up over the form work pieces, I felt that more of a continually changing slope was more fitting; I was doing it in plan, why not in elevation?

this build continually changed as I worked on it, growing organically into something more than I had hoped for. I liked the outcome a lot. it’s still standing, over a week later, and every time I go back, someone has made a copycat near it or added on to my original piece. as you can see, there are two different sets of photos here – one where it has rained, and one where the stones are dry. I’m sad to admit that even with two visits, I didn’t manage to take a good photo. I have real problems keeping my hands steady, and of late it seems to be getting worse. I don’t know what to say about that.

as usual, I think more exploration is needed. always more, more, more – the best part of this hobby is that it drives me forward, captivating my mind and filling me with a coursing passion for the world. my work is incredibly selfish – I don’t really care if other people see what I’ve done, I just want to figure out private questions of beauty, form, capability, the essence of material… useless questions, really, with answers I’ll never be able to articulate or share with someone else. these answers become part of me and spur me forward in other areas of my life; I may build with stone in the real world, but structures are forming in my mind that will be useful one day.

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