stair column

hey there, friends. I have something to share today that I’m relatively proud of.

spin gif


I have mentioned on a few occasions this year that I want to get into doing more three dimensionally engaging pieces. the problem that I often face is that I build something as a straight extrusion; I design a profile, and I give it thickness. that’s it. when I’m lazy like this, I still get my kicks out of the building process in general, but I don’t think I produces especially interesting results.

this stair column was an attempt at making something you want to travel around and see from different angles. it’s a super simple concept – peel away in stepped layers as the tower grows. the variables here are beginning  footprint of the structure, the angle of the taper, and the depth of the step size. changing these will change how many turns you’re able to make before you run out of space. I cheated a little in this iteration of the idea by having the column flair out from the breaking edge where the layer steps back, but I began to run out of light and height, as the resulting tower was around 6′ – hard to work well when it’s nearly dark and your area of effort is above your head.

I managed to do a little more, but I didn’t like the result, and it was far too dim to get a good shot.

I may revisit this idea with a larger base or a different size. I was also thinking about adding a lip to the outer edge of the structure, either vertically like a railing on the stair step or as an overhang. regardless, there are other areas to explore here, and I plan on using them in conjunction with other efforts. new tools in the toolbox always make me happy.

this stayed up for a while, and I got pictures sent to me from a few friends who happened to stop by the beach the weekend it was up, asking if it was me. it definitely brightened my mood to see it still standing for a while; in most cases, the moment I leave the beach for the day is the last moment I know the thing exists. I’ve scoped out a different section of the beach. might work there soon.

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