another place to sit

after my new serpentine wall, I was thinking about more places to view the ocean from. I don’t think I spend enough time enjoying the view at the beach. a friend of mine was working where I usually stack, so I went over to another cove closer to the lighthouse. saw a big boulder, and felt like chucking big things around. can’t lift too much when you’re using larger pieces, so I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone and work on my fitting technique. made a patio with a small wall, suckers. it wasn’t impressive at all, but it did give me a place to sit and exercise some self control.

I sat down and watched the tide come in. I kept feeling restless and wanting to leaving – have to be productive, have to keep moving! but no, today was a day to sit. I intentionally built where I thought I would be below the high water mark, so that I could get some good interaction with the waves as the tide came in. the sun was warm, the wind was cool, and the process of staying still is good for me.

this ended up being as far as the water came in after two hours of waiting. it’d be interesting to come back to this area when I have a lot of time and see how much of the landscape I can smooth off in different layers and sections to shape the flow of the tide coming in. we’ll see. I have to get calmer, grow quieter.

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