among the waves


fast work on a sunday with my long johns on under my jeans. it was cold when I got there, but working gets you warm quick. the water itself was balmy, which was a real help, considering I had to gingerly pick my way over a bit of a gap by using stepping stones that were constantly getting doused by little waves. the going was slippery and shifty, meaning I couldn’t bring too much material across the jump with me. there were a couple times where I took a tumble and almost fell right into the drink, and I had to chuck the stone I was carrying away so that I didn’t crush an errant body part with it.

these guys are just spur of the moment quick-stacks, but the sunshine and adrenaline of jumping made up for the thoughtless nature of the work. the balance element was sorta fun, too, I guess. I can really feel the good weather fading now; it seems just yesterday I was stacking in the snow. it’ll be here soon enough, again.

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