lakeside doodles

here’s a quick set of pointless, effortless doodles. the main enjoyment here was working in a new place with unfamiliar stone, feeling the warm water and sand coursing around my feet as the afternoon sunlight revealed previously unperceived facets of beauty and grace in each rock. for those of you that are wondering, this is Sebago State Park, a wonderful place to visit!

the base, a weather-beaten stump, had little material supporting it, the ground having eroded from beneath it. this meant that deflected a little with each element it was loaded with, eventually changing the angle enough that previously stable configurations became untenable, toppling the whole thing. this is good for you to experience. the changes you make in life will eventually mean you have to become a different person. I am aiming to only topple the portions that hold me back from being loving and true, but it’s a work in progress. each time the structure falls, I have to ask myself again what I want to build and breath peacefully.


that’s enough rambling from me for today. God bless you.

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