A grave

do you remember the time I made a self portrait? this guy? I figured I’d do another one. I’ve been wicked worn out lately – one of the reasons I haven’t posted since october or whatever – so this time, I did my frame for myself laying down.

grave 01

when I finished and was taking pictures with it, someone remarked it was more of a grave than anything else; this was funny to me, as I just viewed it as a place to rest and fit in with the landscape.

it was good to get back on the beach. believe it or not, I think I’m gonna try to start posting more regularly again. I have around 10 more photo sets that need to have posts written up, going back to the middle of january, so I just have to do the writing and I can start releasing stuff.

the stones still captivate me, calm me, refocus me. I need to spend more time out there and less time in my room, no matter how “productive” I think I’m being at my desk.

2 thoughts on “A grave

  1. Awesome creativity. Hopefully some day Ft. Williams will become a Sculpture Park
    exhibiting creative art to enhance the experience at the Fort. A yearly Exhibit could bring
    more people to our park and spread the word for its beauty.
    Bill Wood

    • when I started stacking in ’06, I only occasionally saw rock art; in recent years, a bunch of other dudes who are more talented than I have started working there too, and it gets me really excited to see their stuff! I like the idea of a yearly festival or something.

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