A Bed for Autumn

sometimes you start out with no clue what you’re going to do. I usually default to square columns when I get stressed out or am feeling blank, which ended me up with this:autumn bed 01

autumn bed 02

I decided it would be nice to link the sides; curving connective tissue seemed like a nice contrast to my previous rectilinear component. a focus element in the middle completed the stone aspect of the project.autumn bed 10

I found myself uncovering a lot of old oak leaves from the previous fall. I decided the enclosure would make a nice holder for these remnants of a past season, and filled it with as many leaves as I could find.

autumn bed 06

cap stones balanced on pebbles sort of gave it a suburban garden fence feel, but it seemed right at the time.

I don’t usually work with a material like leaves, but they sure add a touch of contrast against the landscape; my structures are plainly visible against the ground in real life thanks to good ol’ depth perception (mine actually sucks), but in pictures, it really helps to have something pop out when you look in.

after finishing this one, I sat on a bench for a while. people interacted with it almost immediately, coming over to throw more leaves into the chamber. it stayed up for several days after, till some kids knocked down the center element and the cap stones, filling in the slopes to make a better “fort” to play in. I like seeing that kind of involvement with my work.


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