Five in a Day Part 1: Aggregate

I went out to the park recently and the spot I usually stack in was well occupied with other stackers’ work. I didn’t want to detract from them or use their stuff, so I walked around the coast till I came to a secluded inlet uncommonly visited. I hadn’t stacked here before, and ended up doing five pieces there in a few hours! none of them required much vigor, but they were pleasant to build, and working in a new place was a lot of fun.

here’s the first.

7.1 piles 01

this one set the tone of vertically precarious work for the day. this one was the only one that involved much aggregated stone – the subsequent pieces were mostly single balances. however, they all involved a focus on delicate balance. the final top stones were fairly large to be lifting that high, and the whole thing almost toppled as I was adding them – let me tell you, I was shaky after that. once they were in place, I added a few small stones throughout to stabilize the layers. the structure was quite stable when finished.

I’ll have the other parts of my day up over the rest of the week. hope you’re enjoying a good tuesday.

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