Five in a Day Part 4: Back Strain

I went out to the park recently and the spot I usually stack in was well occupied with other stackers’ work. I didn’t want to detract from them or use their stuff, so I walked around the coast till I came to a secluded inlet uncommonly visited. I hadn’t stacked here before, and ended up doing five pieces there in a few hours! Part 3 here.

with the first aggregated piece followed by two in the point balance category, I took a look at the landscape and thought we still needed more. I had enjoyed the emphasis on the individual elements found in part 2, and decided I wanted more of the same. 7.4 quick wide 04 I don’t have much to say about this one other than that the pieces were heavy and I was beginning to feel the effects of my efforts. the slight pings zipping through my spine on and off said to hurry up, as not much juice was left in the tank. I refueled with an apple and a water bottle, but I could tell it wouldn’t do much to keep me going. if I want to do this again, I will need to pace myself and carefully consider the total effort before I begin. I must say the sunlight was exquisite at this point.

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