Five in a Day Part 5: the Little One

I went out to the park recently and the spot I usually stack in was well occupied with other stackers’ work. I didn’t want to detract from them or use their stuff, so I walked around the coast till I came to a secluded inlet uncommonly visited. I hadn’t stacked here before, and ended up doing five pieces there in a few hours! Part 4 here.

after my previous four pieces, I was pretty worn out. I wasn’t quite done, though, so I turned my attention to something smaller.

I started with the large rocks, setting a counterbalance for the main cantilevered portion. the wind had picked up as the tide was changing, rocking my little layers back and forth; a big part of stacking is balancing the need to have at least three points of contact, which usually means you need smaller pieces, and having the critical mass needed to absorb side loading like wind or the occasional jolt that occurs when you add a piece. I got to a place where each addition was adjusting the balance so dramatically that I had to cap it and call it good. I’ve been thinking I should try to see, with more rigorous attention to construction and selection of pieces, how extreme this tri-point layering technique can get you, as far as height-to-width ratio goes. slenderness is not conducive to stability, especially when you have no connective or gluing material. I was able to remove one of the counterweights, but as I began to lift the other, the whole work began to slowly tip – no sense in risking it before I took pictures. little layers 04 so, there’s the five in a day. I’ve got a little wrap-up that should go out tomorrow. let’s talk soon.

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